Safari Technology Preview 142 is now available for download

Safari Technology Preview Update 101

The Cupertino company regularly releases updates to this experimental browser that you can have on your Mac. This time the version reaches version 142 and it corrects some specific aspects of it. This browser is really interesting for Apple itself since it returns important feedback about the experience of users and developers who use it, that’s why it constantly launches new versions.

The improvements implemented in this browser come a few days after the release of the latest version of the browser. macOS Monterey operating systemso several of them are directed directly to their optimization.

Version 142 of the Safari Technology Preview adds the new optimized tab bar with support for several groups of tabs, the better organization of these or the improved support for Safari web extensions are several of the new features that are added to the official browser and that are used to improve this experimental browser. This is a independent and totally free browser that everyone who wants and has a Mac can use, the more users try this browser, the more feedback Apple has to detect bugs in the browser and apply the necessary corrections.

Also, as we said before, to use it no developer account required and anyone can download it, simply go to the developer website and download Safari Technology Preview. The Safari Technology Preview update is available through the Mac App Store for anyone who has previously downloaded the browser.

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