Safari Technology Preview 145 has been released by Apple

Safari Technology Preview Update 101

Our beloved Safari Technology Preview, that version of the browser in beta state continuous that serves for developers to test new features in a safer environment knowing at all times, as it will be in the definitive Safari, which is then updated for all users, has received a new update. Version 145 is already with us and we can download it from the developer center. Of course, if you want to test the new features before anyone else, you must be a developer and take into account that a test phase with which errors can occur.

Today, Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 145. The latest version of Safari is an experimental version of the browser intended for users running a Mac who currently have macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey installed. The preview allows developers and those who want to try out what’s new before anyone else, try out the latest and greatest features of Apple’s browser, and provide feedback to the company before the public version is released to everyone else.

Apple has noted in the Safari Technology Preview 145 release notes that it has released a number of updates specifically directed to:

  • Web Checker
  • :has() pseudo-class
  • Container and containment inquiries
  • css grid
  • CSS
  • Dialog Element
  • javascript
  • Means, medium
  • WebAuthn
  • WebAPI
  • Content Security Policy
  • Security
  • service workers
  • WebRTC

One of the main improvements that have been incorporated is that finally, tab groups will be synced in this version unlike previous versions which specifically stated that tab group syncing would not work.

If you want to try it, you just have to go to the Web and start the download. Yes, you we recommend that you read well all the notes of the new version of Safari Technology Preview 145.

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