Safari Technology Preview reaches version 135 with 120 Hz support for the new MacBook Pros

The Cupertino-based company has launched a new update to the Safari Technology Preview browser, with an important novelty for users who are already enjoying the new MacBook Pros, since offers support for the 120 Hz of ProMotion displays.

Safari Technology Preview version 135 comes with support for 120Hz scrolling animations, allowing a scroll visiting web pages much smoother on the new 2021 MacBook Pro range.

For some unknown reason, Apple does not currently offer 120 Hz support in native applications available in macOS Monterey, something that draws powerfully attention since ProMotion technology is one of the main attractions of this new range.

Because Safari Technology Preview is a experimental version for developers, Apple will still take a while to release a version of Safari for macOS Monterey that offers support for 120 Hz, although it should not take long.

Along with 120Hz support, Safari Technology Preview 135 also comes with other improvements and new featuressuch as lazy image loading, requestVideoFrameCallback API, and new viewport units including: small svw / svh, large lvw / lvh, and dynamic dvw / dvh.

For users who already have Safari Technology Preview installed, the update is available via the Software Update menu within the System Preferences application.

If you do not have Safari Technology Preview installed, a version that can download any user without the need for a developer account.

This version of Safari can be installed on macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur and works completely independent of Safari, so you can use both applications independently.

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