Safari Technology Preview reaches version 136

Safari Technology Preview

One of the main novelties of this version is the continuity offered by this experimental browser at 120Hz of the new MacBook Pro launched at the end of the year. In this new version the new features implemented in Safari Technology Preview 136 are focused on corrections.

This time Apple delayed the launch of this new version of the experimental browser a little longer, since the previous version was launched on November 16. Usually they do not usually take more than two weeks between versions but in this case they have released the new version somewhat later.

It is a separate browser from the official version of the Safari browser that we have originally installed on our computer and can be obtained completely free of charge. Anyone who wants and has a Mac can use it. In these cases, the more users try this browser more feedback will Apple receive to detect and fix bugs in the official versions of the browser so it is always good to have many users using this browser.

They also add the necessary corrections in the following versions of the official browser. As we always remember that the updates that are released to update Safari Technology Preview no developer account required and anyone can download. You just have to access the apple website and download the latest available version of Safari Technology Preview. This latest browser update is now available through the Mac App Store for anyone who has downloaded the browser before

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