Sage Accounting and Billing, a new cloud tool for SMEs and freelancers

Sage has launched its new solution, Sage Accounting and Management, a cloud tool, designed to facilitate the management of SMEs and freelancers. Thus, the app adapts to all types of small companies operating in any industry, from professional services to construction and wholesale and retail. Given the legislative changes in recent months, with the entry into force of the Anti-Fraud Law in July, freelancers and small companies face a new scenario in which ensuring proper financial management has become a primary task.

On October 11, a new regulation came into force, focused on accounting, billing or management computer solutions, guaranteeing the “Integrity, conservation, accessibility, legibility, traceability and inalterability of the records, in addition to avoiding interpolations, omissions or alterations of which the proper annotation is not left in the systems themselves.”

In this sense, Sage Accounting and Invoicing offers companies a series of functionalities that allow them to have a complete and accurate view of the business, and manage all day-to-day accounting aspects, such as creating and sending invoices or managing stock from a single platform and from any device.

In addition, it allows you to connect with the different banking entities to merge transactions and invoices automatically. By having all the data at hand, freelancers and SMEs will be able to establish cash flow forecasts and have a real vision of the state of the company.

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Help SMEs abroad

Now, Sage has incorporated some updates to the banking functionality, in order to facilitate the management of those who operate outside of Spain. With Sage Accounting and Billing, clients can easily create invoices, accept payments, import bank transactions, and track expenses in specific currencies.

In addition to multi-currency invoices, customers who trade in multiple countries can now add foreign bank accounts and select your preferred currency for receiving payments and reporting. These new updates allow, ultimately, to work more efficiently and help streamline the reconciliation of accounts.

Sage’s cloud software offers SMEs and freelancers the ability to save time and resources, as its easy design allows you to start working with it immediately, without the need for prior knowledge. This means that SMEs and freelancers can save up to two days a month on average in managing their finances, and reduce average collection times by up to seven days, mainly as a consequence of email validation.

«SMEs and the self-employed have been two of the groups most affected in recent months. During the state of alarm, 56% of small and medium-sized companies totally or partially suspended their activity, which logically had an impact on their turnover. For this reason, advancing in its digital transformation became an obligation ”, says Diego Sánchez-Aparisi, Product Marketing Director at Sage Spain and Portugal.

«In Sage We have been accompanying SMEs for years on their path to digital transformation, and in the most difficult moments we have worked to offer them the necessary tools for their economic recovery. Because the benefits of digitization are innumerable, and small and medium-sized companies are more aware than ever of everything that having this type of solution can bring them », concludes Sánchez-Aparisi.

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