Sage Appliances holds an event in Madrid to introduce us to The Bambino

The company Sage Appliances, dedicated to smart kitchen appliances, held this week, in Madrid, what they called “The democratization of the Third Wave of coffee”. With an event for Iberia, Sage Appliances continues to promote and democratize access to specialty coffee. This is characterized by a maximum commitment to sustainability and quality, raising awareness of the values ​​of fair trade, traceability and environmentally friendly production practices.

In this sense, the brand has taken advantage of the event to “present in society” the youngest member of the family, The Bambino, your new manual espresso machine, which allows you to enjoy a professional result in the most comfortable, fast, simple and convenient way.

Like all of the company’s high-quality espresso machines, The Bambino features the same 15 bar pressure pump and the accompanying discharge valve, allowing the machine to produce a 9 bar extraction (pressure recommended for espressos by the World Barista Championship).

The new coffee maker has the same formula as the rest of the range, based on four key elements to replicate the performance of professional coffee makers at home:

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  • Ideal dose: 18-22 grams of freshly ground coffee beans are used to create a full-bodied coffee with rich and complex flavors.
  • Optimal pressure: constant pressure of 9 bars to achieve a balanced flavor.
  • Precise temperature: 93ºC to achieve a balanced flavor.
  • 130ºC steam power for a silky and smooth milk microfoam texture.

An experiential event designed to honor specialty coffee

With a day full of immersive experiences around the Third Wave of coffee, Sage Appliances also had the collaboration of Hello Coffee, one of the main reference roasters in Spain.

The Hola Coffee team surprised all attendees with a masterclass on the best techniques to prepare coffee at home, obtaining results as if it were a real barista, and revealed to the attendees the universe of coffee possibilities offered by Sage Appliances machines. . In addition, during the event, the company’s spokespersons presented the different innovations that the brand makes available for the markets of Spain and Portugal.

Israel Quintana, Business Development Manager at Sage Appliances, highlights that “The objective of Sage Appliances is to provide all Spaniards with the keys so that they can enjoy the Third Wave of coffee from their own homes, without making concessions. Since the arrival of the brand in both markets, more and more households in Spain and Portugal have already managed to live this experience. Sage Appliances is committed to contributing to the democratization of the Third Wave of coffee, and this event is another step on that path ”.

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