Saint Seiya – The Knights of the Zodiac will have a second and a third season: here are the first details

Let’s face it, Saint Seiya – The Knights of the Zodiac (Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya) the animated computer graphic reboot by Netflix of the mythical anime series has not been a great success.

Most fans of the saga based on the manga of Masami Kurumada has turned up his nose (to put it mildly) in front of this show but, despite the criticisms, the streaming giant continues to believe in the project so much that new information arrives on the next two seasons of the series.

The first details on the next two seasons of Saint Seiya – The Knights of the Zodiac

The Facebook page Saint Seiya Yours Ever – SSYE she managed to contact and interview Yoshiharu Ashino, director of the CGI anime, who provided some updates on the production status of the upcoming episodes.

The director also said he was unable to predict the release date of the second season, also confirming that the sequel has not been canceled:

Guys, I spoke to the director of Netflix’s Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya series, Mr. Yoshiharu Ashino, and he allowed me to convey the following message to you:

“For the second season, we’re in full production and 1/3 completed. For the third season, we are still in pre-production. Toei Animation’s planning department is thinking of different presentation ways for these. I still can’t say the release date, but the KOTZ sequel will no doubt be coming. The sequel has not been canceled. It will still take some time to distribute it, but the quality will be higher than that of season 1. Thanks ”.

Well, as we have seen, it seems that the series did not go badly, as the 3rd season would also be confirmed. In my opinion the delay is due to the fact that they are trying to improve everything, I hope they have listened to the fans.

In short, despite the far from positive reception of the first season, it seems that Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya will continue for another two seasons and, if the intent is to raise the quality level of the show, then the work to do that’s really a lot.

What went wrong with the new Knights of the Zodiac animated series?

The TV series has not at all convinced the public and fans, with this second part it will hardly raise the fate of the series, born under the best of intentions but too far from the original cartoon (also because, let’s face it, it seems to have been made for an audience completely different from that assumed in its announcement).

Harshly criticized (the talking manhole is just unbearable), the series was in fact rejected not only by critics but also by the public: currently on Rotten Tomatoes the show has a “fresh” percentage of only 46%.

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