Sale: This popular oil-free fryer is on sale on Amazon, and it’s smart!

Cosori's smart oil-free fryer in gray

If after the holiday binge, you have decided that it is time to remedy it and give it once and for all to a healthy life, know that we bring you an offer that will help you (and a lot) with such a purpose. It is a smart fryer that does not need oil and therefore becomes the ideal small appliance for cooking much healthier dishes. And everything is also controlled from the mobile. You can’t ask for more… Wait! Yes! A discount like the one on Amazon right now. Keep reading and don’t miss it.

Cosori’s smart fryer

There are many air fryers or “without oil” on the market… that have Wi-Fi and you can connect them to your mobile phone and not so many. One of them, yes, is this model (LI401S) of Cosorione of the most popular firms within this type of small appliance and which has not hesitated to include an intelligent version of the digital home in its catalogue.

This fryer has a power of 1500W and allows a heating range that goes from 75 to 230 degrees. Its capacity is 3.8 liters (more than enough to cook with about 3 people in mind) and it has a 7 different programs to prepare your dishes -in addition to offering you a One Touch mode, which uses the preset that you want, and access to more than 100 recipes in Spanish online.

Cosori's smart oil-free fryer in gray

Beyond its cooking features (the most important thing, of course), its attractiveness or extra addition lies in its support. Wifiwhich allows you to connect to it through a apps mobile and control the time that something takes to fry (receiving a notification when it is ready) or even stop the operation at any time, if you wish.

The Cosori fryer boasts of having Thermo IQ technologywhich claims to improve the air duct, getting crunchy and juicier food, without the noise exceeding 60 db.

One of their best prices on Amazon

In case you already see yourself cooking delicious healthy dishes in it, know that now you can buy it at one of its best moments with a 17% discount. Available in both gray and white, it goes from this way to costing 119.99 euros to €99.99the second largest discount of its history on the platform.

Sold and shipped by Amazon itself -with the advantages that this has in terms of returns-, you can order it today and have it at home this Friday. Ideal to launch the weekend as it deserves, don’t you think?

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