sales explode 457% and overtake Nintendo Switch for the first time

PS5 sales continue to climb at breakneck speed. After a phenomenal month of January for the console, that of February has managed the feat of doing even better. Indeed, Sony sold 366,982 consoles last month, an increase of 457% over the previous year.

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Jim Ryan didn’t lie. At the very beginning of the year, the boss of Sony Interactive Entertainment made the announcement that everyone had been waiting for two years: the PS5 shortage is officially behind us. It only took a few weeks for his words to be confirmed. In January, sales simply exploded, registering a 202% increase over the previous year.

One would have thought of an announcement effect or simply a passing phenomenon, but no. February was an even more prolific month for Sony. According to data from the Famitsu media, the manufacturer has sold 366,982 units over the past few weeks. For comparison, this number was 65,772 in February 2022. So we are on an astronomical year-to-year increase of 457%.

The PS5 breaks all sales records

These results are already undeniably impressive and indeed sign the end of a particularly complicated period for Sony, as for the players. But they are all the more so when we take into account another data: that of the sales of Nintendo Switch. Indeed, over the same period, the Japanese firm shipped 221,021 copies of its portable console, less than the PS5.

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In Japan, it’s just the first time that Sony overtakes its rival in the video game market. To this are also added the sales of games, which again place the manufacturer at the top of the podium. So, this is the PS5 version of Hogwart’s Legacy which sold the best with 36,958 copies, followed by Wild Hearts with 26,905 copies.

Nintendo can console itself with the rest of the ranking, in which it is omnipresent. Apart from the first two places monopolized by Sony, the manufacturer occupies 7 places on the rest of the top 10, with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in the lead.

Source : Famitsu

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