Sales of OLED TVs do not stop growing, and Samsung is going to give the final push

The first generations of televisions with organic light-emitting diode screens were prohibitively expensive. But little by little this technology has been reducing its high manufacturing cost, added to the fact that the coronavirus crisis helped sales of OLED TVs increased exponentially due to the rise in the price of LCD panels.

And it is a fact that the OLED market is spreading in all kinds of sectors. It is clear that the market for smart televisions is the great exponent of this technology, but more and more mobile phones are betting on this technology, not to mention other uses such as in the automotive sector.

Now, A new report indicates that OLED TVs are going to grow even more this year and their popularity is going to standardize thanks to one big factor: the arrival of Samsung with its first OLED TVs. And it is that several Korean media have stated that Samsung Electronics will reach the OLED market this year.

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We’ll finally see Samsung OLED TVs in 2022

Sony OLED A95K

The truth is that things did not look too good for Samsung’s line of OLED televisions. Matrix Samsung Electronics was negotiating with Samsung Display for its subsidiary to sell QD-OLED panels at the same price as LG WOLEDs, which SD said was impossible.

This caused a rnoticeable backlog in production, and is the main reason Samsung’s QD-OLED family was thought not to be unveiled at CES 2021. And, as expected, they were also unable to show their Smart TVs with LG WOLED panels since they are also negotiating the price with LG Display.

But It seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel and Samsung’s first OLED TVs will be a reality very soon. And considering that last year OLED TV shipments registered 6,525,000 units shipped, 80% more than the previous year, it is clear that the technology is booming.

LG breaks all its sales records

2022 LG OLED TVs

LG Electronics recorded 4,048,000 units shipped in 2021, double that of the previous year, representing 62% of the total OLED TV market share. Notably, LG Electronics shipped 1,413,000 units of OLED TVs in the fourth quarter of last year, which is the highest ever recorded for a quarter. The television market share in terms of price was 18.5%, the highest in history.

Previously, at a conference last year, LG Display said: “Last year, TV sales were down 10%, but large-format OLEDs commanded a more than 30% share of the premium market.”

On the other hand, Kim Ji-san, an analyst at Kiwoom Securities, said: “LG Electronics TVs will generate better-than-expected profits this year. “Sales growth rate is the highest in the industry due to strong OLED TV sales, and it will be easy to secure profitability as LCD panel prices plummet”he explained.

Althoughe the great exponent for OLED technology to just take off is Samsung. The Korean manufacturer has been dominating smart TV sales for 16 consecutive years, and its arrival on the OLED market will give this technology the ultimate boost.

philips oled

And eye, what It seems that Samsung has already reached an agreement with LG and will launch its first WOLED televisions this year (cheaper than QD-OLED), which will eventually catapult a technology that is only making its way to standardize its use.

Undoubtedly, excellent news for the sector, since Samsung’s entry into the OLED Smart TV market will be a turning point for a technology that, almost in all likelihood, will condemn LCD to ostracism, as happened at the time. with plasma panels.

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