Salesforce Announces Einstein GPT and ChatGPT for Slack

salesforce also jumps on the bandwagon of generative AI, with the announcement of the Einstein GPT release and the addition ofChatGPT to your Slack collaboration platform. In addition, it has announced that it is going to launch a Investment fund, through Salesforce Ventures, to invest in startups dedicated to generative Artificial Intelligence. This $250 million fund will be invested in high-potential startups, and will be used to promote the development of responsible, reliable, and generative Artificial Intelligence.

Einstein GPT is a generative AI CRM technology platform. It delivers AI-powered content across all sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interactions, and is capable of doing so at hyperscale.

The platform combines Salesforce Artificial Intelligence models with generative AI technology from various partners, as well as real-time data from the Salesforce Data Cloud. In this way, clients can obtain, harmonize and unify all the data of a company. In addition, Einstein GPT allows you to connect that data to out-of-the-box generative AI models.

If they prefer, they can also choose an external model, and use prompts in their Salesforce CRM, with natural language, to generate content that adapts in real time to the needs of customers. For example, it allows you to generate personalized emails or responses to specific topics for customer service departments.

As for Einstein GPT in CRM, it allows customers to use natural language prompts on CRM data to trigger time-saving automations and create personalized content. The most important releases in this regard are the following:

  • Einstein GPT for Service– Allows the creation of insights from past case notes as well as custom chat responses from agents.
  • Einstein GPT for Sales: generates sales tasks automatically, as well as emails. It also schedules meetings and allows you to prepare for the next interaction.
  • Einstein GPT for Marketing: Create personalized content dynamically, with the aim of attracting customers and potential customers by mail, mobile, web and advertising.
  • Einstein GPT for Slack: Brings AI-powered customer insights to Slack. Such information may include, for example, intelligent summaries of sales opportunities, and background research on accounts.
  • Einstein GPT for developer productivity: Large Language Model, a Salesforce Research model, helps streamline programming tasks. It does this by using an AI chat assistant to generate code. Also to ask questions for various languages, such as Apex.

GPT Chat for Slack

ChatGPT’s integration into Slack will allow its users to have AI-powered conversation summaries, research tools to learn about different topics, and typing assistance to quickly compose messages. At the moment it is in the testing phase, but it already allows you to perform all kinds of tasks focused on speeding up tasks.

Among them is the aforementioned possibility of having conversation summaries, which allows you to quickly catch up on what is happening. It also allows you to find answers in moments on any topic just by asking a few questions. They can also speed up the writing of messages, because in this case ChatGPT takes care of writing certain responses and status updates. Also to take notes of meetings.

On the other hand, Salesforce has opened a new cloud platform for customers in the European Unionwhich will allow them to process and store the data of their customer relationship management in the area. Hyperforce EU Operating Zone, as it is called, is based on the architecture of Salesforce’s Hyperforce platform, and will be customized for companies that operate according to EU regulations. Also those that need strict control of data processing and storage, as well as who can access them and how they are used. Requests for this new service, through Salesforce Customer 360, are now open.

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