Salto has less than a million subscribers, French Netflix disappoints

Salto, the streaming service “made in France” from France Television, M6 and TF1 is struggling to take off and attract new subscribers. The target of 1 million subscribers in 2021 would not even have been reached.

Credit: Salto

According to information from an upcoming survey in the January issue of our colleagues at Capital, Salto, the French platform which is trying somehow to compete with Netflix would not have failed to meet its 2021 goal of crossing the one million subscriber mark. However, Salto does not lack good will to gain weight.

Indeed, Salto hopes to attract new subscribers with exclusive content outside of the channels’ usual programming, but this does not occupy a large enough part of the platform. Indeed, the “Inédits Salto” would only represent 1.7% of the catalog, or only 255 hours of viewing.

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Salto turns to American series to seduce the French

Failing to acquire new members with the French series, Salto tried to offer American content to make his platform more interesting. The streaming service notably bought the broadcasting rights for And just like that, the reboot of Sex and the City which ended in 2004.

Other popular American series such as Stargirl, pretty Little Liars Where All American are also showing, and Salto had even also bet on important events such as the reunion episode of Friends at the end of last year, or even more recently on Harry Potter Return to Hogwarts which was released the same day it aired on HBO Max.

Although Salto is trying by all means to attract new customers, it seems that the platform is taking water. However, the price of the platform is relatively low, starting at 6.99 euros per month for a user. However, the content obviously does not seem to meet the expectations of the French. Last December, Delphine Ernotte, CEO of France Télévisions seriously considered leaving the ship. If this were to materialize, France Télévisions could therefore bet everything on Salto’s new competitor, TF1 Max.

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