Salto is currently living its last hours, the end will be recorded in February 2023

It is now only a matter of days before Salto disappears from our screens. If we initially expected an official announcement at the end of January, Le Figaro now says that the final decision will be made this month. TV stations, meanwhile, have already started to drop the service.

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It’s a bit like missing a traffic accident: we can’t help but stare. We have been waiting for the official announcement of Salto’s death for several months now. The first rumors began last November, but were ultimately not followed up. Then, a few weeks ago, a judicial liquidation was mentioned for January 20, but still without action.

One thing is certain, TF1, France Télévisions and M6 do indeed want to get rid of Salto. It remains to be seen when. According to information from Le Figaro, the end is imminent. The daily declares from the board of directors that a general meeting will be held “in the coming days”, when will be decided a judicial liquidation implemented in the following weeks.

Salto, it’s almost over (but we don’t know when yet)

By then, the television channels have already thrown in the towel. As noted by our colleagues from Numerama, several programs are no longer available in advance on the platform, as was the case before – which was also one of the major selling points of this one. One of many signs that the streaming service has been abandoned by its creators.

On the same subject – Salto: the French Netflix is ​​already for sale, two years after its launch

In the same way, the latter no longer promote the platform on their antennas. No more hearing that such a program is available on Salto: from now on, you will have to be content with your good old television, and this, despite the few 800,000 users that the offer managed to attract. These being gradually deprived of their advantages, it is easy to imagine that they will soon leave the ship in turn. Netflix will not have been very worried in the end.

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