Samsung advances its roadmap for DDR6 memory

Samsung has celebrated its Tech Day 2021 event where it has presented news about the future of memory technologies like DDR6 and how you plan to run its production, another important aspect in an age of chip shortage.

The launch of the 12th generation of Intel Core processors, has officially brought DDR5 memory to the mainstream of the market o mainstream. Unfortunately, the inventory shortage that has pressured the industry for the past year has prevented a consistent launch as it should be for a generation of memoirs.

Samsung, a leader in semiconductors and especially in memory, believes that despite this, technological development should not stop and has shown its plans for the future in the short term. If DDR5 doubled the DDR4 standard speed marked by the responsible organization JEDEC, increasing from 3,200 mega transfers per second (MT / s) to 6400 MT / s, Samsung aims to double again the standard speed in DDR6, increasing it to a whopping 12,800 MT / s, which through overclocking techniques could reach up to 17,000 MT / s.

The standard is currently in the early stages of development and is scheduled to begin rollout in 2024. Like DDR5, DDR6 will increase the number of channels and banks in each module. These architectural differences, as well as other factors such as memory timing, latency, power management and Error Correction Code (ECC) capabilities, are factors that Samsung has highlighted to continue pushing the limits in memory technologies. .

DDR6 isn’t the only new memory standard on the horizon. Samsung also alluded to further development of the graphics-focused GDDR6 standard, with a plus version reaching speeds of up to 24,000 MT / s. And on the horizon it points GDDR7, a new standard that will offer rates of 32,000 MT / s. With GDDR7, a new feature called «real-time error protection feature«, Which is still unknown. Its precise function is unknown, but it is supposed to be a way to add ECC (registered memory) to this standard that takes care of providing dedicated memory to graphics cards.

In this regard, Samsung also announced that its HBM3 memory will be ready for mass production in the second quarter of 2022. It will offer speeds of 800 GB / s and will be mainly intended for artificial intelligence applications.

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