Samsung: an 8K television (very expensive) at the price of 4K (expensive) during the sales, are you interested?

[Le Deal du Jour] While the democratization of 8K televisions is still a long way off among individuals, in particular due to the very high price, one of its flagships is currently benefiting from an unprecedented promotion. The Samsung QE55Q700T 8K is now offered with 900 euros reduction.

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4K televisions still have a bright future ahead of them, despite their price a bit high, since their replacements are still struggling to show up. The rare models of 8K televisions still suffer from a price far too high, blithely exceeding 2,000 euros.

However, the summer sales are the occasion to stumble upon an unexpected good deal, such as a promotion of 900 euros on this 55-inch 8K QLED TV from Samsung. Usually offered at 2,290 euros by Boulanger, the Samsung QE55Q700T tumbles to 1,390 euros.

To better understand the offer

What are the characteristics of this 8K television?

The Samsung Q700T has the merit of placing itself as one of the most interesting 8K TVs on the market. This TV has a magnificent, almost borderless design, which makes it a superb object in the living room, both fixed to the wall and royal enthroned on a TV cabinet.

Source: Samsung

The 55-inch QLED panel delivers 8K definition, or 7680 x 4320 pixels. The choice of QLED technology allows the TV to ensure good color reproduction, as well as an excellent contrast ratio. We are certainly still far from the result provided by an OLED TV, but the quality is still there. Especially since the Q700T benefits from HDR 10+ or ​​HLG image processing. The sound dimension is not to be outdone, since this television takes advantage of the Q-Symphonie system which synchronizes the sound of the internal speakers with an external audio system, such as a sound bar.

Is it a Smart TV?

It is normal to expect a television set sold for 1,390 euros (or even 2,290 euros in normal times) to be intelligent. And the Samsung Q700T is up to the task. It embeds Samsung’s in-house operating system, Tizen OS. This gives access to many applications, including video since it is possible to enjoy Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, YouTube or even OCS and MyCanal.

Thanks to the Smart Things feature, it is possible to control compatible connected objects in your home directly from your TV. The Samsung Q700T also supports voice assistants like Bixby or Google Assistant, allowing you to interact with your TV using just your voice.

What is the point of an 8K television today?

While televisions are starting to hit the market, 8K is still lacking. It is indeed not very widespread on conventional TV channels.

On the other hand, it is landing massively on streaming content, while Ultra HD Blu-Rays are becoming more and more democratic. Major events will even be broadcast in 8K, such as the next Tokyo Olympics.

At present, the price of 8K televisions coupled with the still significant lack of 8K programming makes buying a TV a bit premature. That said, the big promotion of the Samsung Q700T which brings it down to the price of the best 4K TVs around, as well as the presence of Samsung’s Quantum 8K processor are enough arguments to take the plunge.

This processor is responsible for upscaling the 4K images to 8K in order to provide a quality image from a lower source.

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