Samsung and Dell present their 5k and 6k displays respectively. Tough rivals of the Studio Display

Studio Display

We already know the Studio Display. A monitor for our Mac that is a total luxury. Not only for its specifications but also for its price. Samsung and Dell have come to put a little more excitement into choosing the best monitor for our Macs and at CES this year, they have presented their proposals for monitors, with two that have nothing to envy to Apple’s. With a resolution of 5k and 6k respectivelywe will have to wait to see the prices, but surely it is to think about it.

At CES this year 2023, Samsung and Dell have presented their proposals for computer screens, especially intended for Mac users, because they are direct rivals of Apple’s Studio Display. Therefore, we are talking about screens of very high quality and featuresso we assume that the price will accompany them, but we also assume that it will be a little lower than Apple’s.

Samsung has introduced the 9-inch ViewFinity S27, which does not hide that it wants to be a rival to Apple. In fact, they look so similar that it is very difficult to tell them apart at a glance. However, it is true that Apple’s looks better, at least when it comes to the outside. Inside, Samsung’s screen throws in some very good specs. 27-inch 5K with a 5,120 x 2,880 resolution, which matches Apple’s 27-inch monitor and comes with the same 218 PPI. Wide P3 color gamut, USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 connections.

samsung screen

Dell is not far behind and wants to mark territory with a screen that, although it does not look so much like Apple’s, does have some characteristics that are well worth taking into account. 6144 x 3456 IPS panel, 1.07 million colors and covers 99 percent of the wide P3 color gamut. It has a maximum brightness of 600 nits compared to 1,600 for the Studio Display. Height adjustable stand that can rotate 90 degrees. An HDMI 2.1 port, a USB-C port, and a quartet of USB-A ports. A thunderbolt 4 port that uses the latest USB PD specification to deliver up to 140W of power. Two 14W speakers and echo cancellation microphones.

Dell Screen

We will have to wait to see the prices, but things do not look bad

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