Samsung and its 200 megapixel camera: When?

Generation after generation, we see how the smartphones of the main manufacturers (Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc.) they put more and more focus on their cameras, as well as the software functions of your devices specifically aimed at improving the captures of the same. In recent times we have seen smartphone presentations in which more than half of the event has been dedicated to the performance of the camera.

The evolution of mobilgraphy, which is the terrifying name that I will try not to repeat and with which it defines photography with smartphones, is based mainly on two disciplines that run in parallel, although they do not find the same reflection in some manufacturers that in others. One is the technological development of the cameras themselves, and the other is the advances in software.. This second case is, for example, key in Google Pixels. Other manufacturers prefer to go for much more advanced cameras, and this is where Samsung comes in squarely.

But no, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Samsung focuses the mobilization efforts (sorry) of its devices on brute force, no. What I’m saying is that as a camera manufacturer, that later they are integrated into own smartphones and those of other manufacturers, has been working on very high resolution sensors for years. Although not in all cases they have ended up reaching the market, some of them have been equipped by their own smartphones and also by third-party models.

We have been talking about a 200 megapixel sensor for some time which Samsung had been working on for a long time and which, at the beginning of the year, seemed to be reasonably close to debuting. However, by now it seems quite evident that this will not be the case. So what about Samsung’s 200 Mpx? Well, we may see them next year, according to the popular Ice universe leaker, which in a tweet talks about two smartphones with this sensor in 2022.

More specifically, as you can see in the tweet, it proposes that the first smartphone that will mount Samsung’s 200 megapixel sensor it will be a Motorola device. Maybe the Moto Edge X, or its variant for some western market? If so, we won’t have to go too far into 2022 to see that camera in action. More will be delayed the second smartphone to mount it, which will be a Xiaomi device.

And if what you want is to see Samsung’s 200 megapixel sensor in a Samsung smartphone, the wait seems to be even longer, since Ice universe states that this will not happen until 2023. It is somewhat striking that Samsung grants up to a year of advantage to other manufacturers with respect to its own technological developments, but personally it seems to me a show of respect to the market and its customers.

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