Samsung announces the Freestyle, a new projector

The South Korean giant has presented The Freestyle, a projector that is capable of generating an image with a size of up to 100 inches in any place, and which boasts a very compact size, which gives it great flexibility. The cover image speaks for itself in this regard, and leaves no room for doubt.

According to Samsung, The Freestyle is designed to offer a good level of performance without sacrificing high mobility. It is very compact, but also very light, weighing less than a kilogram. This represents a very important value in terms of mobility, since it means that we can take it with us anywhere, and with total comfort.

Samsung’s The Freestyle offers rotation up to 180 degrees, which allows us to project images and adapt them to perfection on any surface, including from tables to floors and, of course, walls and ceilings. We will not need a separate screen to enjoy it, and this is also an important advantage.

We continue to review the specifications of this new Samsung projector, and we find functions of automatic keystone correction and automatic leveling. Thanks to these, the device automatically adjusts its screen to any surface at any angle, offering a proportionate image at all times. On the other hand, the function of autofocus it translates into a sharp image on any surface, at any angle and, as we said, up to 100 inches.

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This projector also includes a passive woofer Double that delivers crisp, distortion-free bass. Its 360-degree sound output rounds out a very careful multimedia set, which will allow us to enjoy a good experience anywhere. To further enhance your mobility, Samsung’s The Freestyle is compatible with external batteries, which means that we can use it outdoors, and without resorting to a plug.

Samsung has confirmed that this projector also offers Smart TV features, including far-field voice control. It can be booked in Spain from today.

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