Samsung breaks a new transfer speed record on 5G networks

Samsung Electronics has reached a new record in data transfer speed on a 5G network. He has achieved it in Australia, in tests carried out jointly with the company NBN Co., which is part of an investment plan of several hundred million dollars in Australia. NBN is using various software enhancements to get the most out of 5G networks, which, in collaboration with Samsung’s work on them, has led to this registration.

During the tests carried out, the device with which they were made reached a average download speed of 1.75 Gbpsand an average upload speed of 61.5 Mbps. The download peak was 2.7 Gbps, and was reached at a distance of 10 km of the issuer. From Samsung and NBN they have pointed out that having achieved this milestone is an important step for the development of 5G networks, not only in urban areas with a high population density, but also in rural areas with a dispersed population.

To achieve these download speeds over such a long distance, eight carrier components (8CC) were used in the test, which is a sum of the 800 MHz millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum. One of the main advantages of the spectrum of Millimeter wave is the potential it has to support large amounts of bandwidth, and Samsung’s ray-forming technology makes it possible to add such large amounts of bandwidth over long distances.

NBN will use the improvements and software advances in 4G technology achieved in these tests, and specifically 5G millimeter wave technology, to extend the range to the fixed wireless space by up to 50%. Also to roll out two new high-speed plans.

Junehee Lee, Vice President and Head of Research and Development, Network Business Division, Samsung Electronicshas highlighted that «this new 5G record proves the enormous potential of millimeter wave technology, and its ability to deliver enhanced connectivity and ability to address last mile challenges in rural areas«.

For its part, Ray Owen, NBN CTOhas underlined that «The results of these trials with Samsung are a significant milestone in how we are pushing the boundaries of innovation to support digital capabilities in Australia. As we roll out the next evolution of our network, and extend its reach to benefit homes and businesses across the country, we are excited to demonstrate the potential for 5G millimeter wave. NBN will be among the first companies in the world to deploy 5G millimeter wave technology at this scale, and achievements such as Samsung’s 10 km will pave the way for further developments in the ecosystem.«.

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