Samsung confidential data leaked

Some sensitive data from South Korean tech giant Samsung has been reportedly leaked online due to an alleged cyberattack. Going into detail, this Friday a South American hacker group calling itself Lapsus$ uploaded a huge amount of data to the network, which, it is claimed, was obtained from the aforementioned consumer electronics manufacturer.

Well, the authoritative publication Bleeping Computer was one of the first to report this incident. Be that as it may, in addition to a wide variety of information, the hacker group claims to have been able to obtain the bootloader source code for all the latest Samsung devices, in addition to code related to highly sensitive features such as biometric authentication and encryption on the device. The leak also purportedly includes sensitive data from Qualcomm, a major chip maker with whom Samsung works quite closely.

The entire database contains about 190 gigabytes of data, and is already being actively distributed via torrent. And if the content of the leak is true, then this incident can really cause extremely significant damage to Samsung. In any case, according to the Korean news agency The Korean Herald, the company is currently evaluating the situation. And by the way, in that very case, if the name Lapsus$ sounds familiar to you, then this is not easy. This is the same group of hackers that recently claimed responsibility for the recent NVIDIA data breach.

As part of this incident, Lapsus$ claims to have obtained approximately 1 terabyte of sensitive data from the said GPU manufacturer, including what the group claims are schematics and graphics card source code. As a result, the hacker collective demanded that NVIDIA open-source its graphics chips and remove the cryptocurrency mining restriction from its RTX 30-series GPUs. However, despite this, it is still unclear what exactly Lapsus$ demands were made by Samsung. The group has previously stated that its actions were not politically motivated in any way.

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