Samsung could make Netflix and TikTok twice as fast

Samsung would be limiting the performance of 10,000 applications including Netflix, TikTok and the most famous mobile games?

It’s a real bomb just dropped by the media Android Authority. The latter ensures, test in hand, that Samsung “limits the performance” of nearly 10,000 applications present on the Store of the brand’s phones. While most of them are mobile games, applications like TikTok or even Netflix are also affected by this Samsung blacklist.

Even more surprisingly, this list could even include applications developed by Samsung, such as Samsung Cloud. But the worst part of this story for the Korean giant is that this performance limitation is not noticeable when performing benchmarks. It is therefore possible to have an unrealistic sales argument, with a supposed power much higher than reality.

A difference in performance ranging from simple to double

It is this difference between the announced power and the performance during use that has caught the ear of Samsung phone users, especially in the country of the brand: South Korea. The work of Internet users was then to prove that there was indeed a slowdown in performance, depending on the application, whether the latter was present on the famous “blacklist” or not.

In order to find out for sure, Android Authority ran the same application (3DMarks) first under its real name, then under the name of Genshin Impact, a mobile game whose performance would be limited by Samsung. Result: 56% less power. As soon as it was renamed, the application only achieved 1141 points during the test benchmark, against 2618 when it operated under its real name.

A matter taken very seriously internally

The story seems to have been taken very seriously at Samsung and the vice-president of the brand has launched an internal investigation to understand how this list could have arrived there, and how to make the phones perform as well as they should be. Already affected by the Galaxy Note 7 scandal, the explosive phone of the Korean firm, Samsung does not want to attract the wrath of public opinion again, especially at a time when competition is becoming more and more present. .

For the moment the list of Samsung phones that are affected by this performance limitation is not clearly known, but it seems that the Galaxy S22 are not affected by this list, just like the S10e and the S20 FE. Note that Samsung is not the first brand to get caught in the bag trying to “optimize” the performance of its phone. Indeed, OnePlus has already been caught using the same kind of list to limit its phones, and thus artificially extend the autonomy of the devices.

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