Samsung created a monster: a 1,000-inch diagonal screen

The 1,000 Inch Monster: The Wall

When Samsung presented The Wall, it made it clear that it was something very promising for that concept of modularity that it proposed. And not for the home user, this would already benefit from other included advances, but for business or commercial.

Well, the new version 2021 of The Wall has allowed them to create a monster of 1,000 inches diagonal with which, in addition, it shows the technical improvements introduced in the MicroLED technology it uses.

The first striking point is that this new version makes use of some LEDs that are 40% smaller. This reduction of each of the LEDs that make up the screen according to the brand would translate into a significant improvement in the contrast of the image and the uniformity of the color itself. Something that in such exaggerated diagonals is not easy to appreciate, but that in the future would be an improvement to take into account in all those future proposals with MicroLED technology that will be arriving.

Along with this, The Wall 2021 also sees how the images they show are further enhanced by the work of a processor equipped with an AI that analyzes the incoming video signal to further improve that image and contrast as well as apply noise reduction. . And this is an advance that can easily be applied to other televisions, even existing ones, as they are at the software level.

And finally, the monstrous screen that Samsung created to promote The Wall version 2021 not only has 1,000 inches of diagonal, but also a resolution that can launch 16K, although they are later shown 8K images at 120 Hz. So combined together with the possibility of mounting it on a wall or on the ceiling and in shapes as varied as concave, convex or even in an “L” shape, they result in solutions as spectacular as those shared by the brand as an example.

The Wall technology for home use

As you will already have clear, The Wall is not a proposal for the ordinary user rather, it is focused on the commercial and business environment. They are solutions for clients who have very specific needs such as creating a large screen where they can display their advertising or any other content whose main purpose is to attract the attention of the user.

However, and in this particular case, any improvement suffered by The Wall is something that later affects the home user sooner or later. Because the future of part of the television industry goes through the use of new technologies and among them MicroLED is one of them along with MiniLED.

Samsung already has even MicroLED screens that can be purchased, although not at a reasonable price. But if you want to have your own mini version of The Wall with options 110, 99 and 76 inchesYou have to know that you can do it.

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