Samsung G85NB: the world’s first curved 4K 240Hz monitor

If you have been attentive to the ups and downs of the gaming monitor market, you will have seen that Samsung stopped manufacturing a series of models that were sold out in certain stores and no new stock arrived. That is because the company has presented three new top-of-the-range models, among which the Samsung G85NB or also called Neo G8, the maximum exponent of the Odyssey line that will come with a 4K panel, 240 Hz and everything being curved. In addition, we have two more monitors such as the G75NB and the G40B, what new features do they bring?

Although the gaming monitor sector is on a rather peculiar break due to everything we are experiencing, before the pandemic it was one of the growing sectors along with laptops. For this reason, Samsung thinks that it is worth innovating in this very specific and expensive world, so it has presented its new Odyssey line, which you will surely love for its features.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 (G85NB), the world’s fastest 4K monitor

As the maximum exponent we have this new gaming monitor. A screen that has a size of 32 inches and that is preceded by an inspiration from its creators with the legendary G9. Therefore, what we have in hand is a curved VA panel (1000R) at a resolution 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) that carries the brand’s new patented technology called Quantum Matrix, which allows the panel a higher refresh rate than the competition.

In fact, it’s the first 4K panel of that size to get anything less than 240 Hz with only 1 ms response time in GtG. The panel also has other key features such as technologies Quantum Mini LED, Quantum HDR 2000, FreeSync Premium Pro and CoreSync.

The first allows better control of the LED lighting system, the second increases the maximum brightness to a value as impressive as 2000 nits, while the third allows for a better gaming experience. The last one is very interesting, since it is a kind of Philips Ambilight so that it projects the same colors that are seen on the screen behind the monitor, achieving a more immersive experience.

Odyssey Neo G7 (G75NB)

The smaller brother of the G8, this G7, is almost a clone of the older one, since it copies the 32-inch size, the resolution 4Kthe kind of curved panel 1000R low VA and it only has one but: it reaches 165 Hz, which is equally crazy today. In addition, it also does 1msGtG.


The changes end here, since you get all the advantages and new features of the G8, such as CoreSync, FreeSync Premium Pro or the technology Quantum Mini-LED. It is basically a G8 where the panel has not passed all the relevant tests to obtain 240 Hz in a stable way and they have set it to 165Hz to monetize the creation of a panel with similar characteristics and incidentally they offer a product that continues to be top at a lower price, earning money and displacing the competition, a common practice in the sector.

Odyssey G4 (G40B), a more conversational and tremendously fast monitor

Finally, within this new line of Odyssey monitors we have the G40B, a monitor with a futuristic design that will be available in two different sizes with the same features, 25 inches and 27 inches. Both will have a resolution FHD 1920x1080p with a refresh rate of 240Hz with a response time of 1msGtG on a board IPS What a surprise to get certified HDR10.


In addition, it integrates AMD FreeSync Premium and G-SYNC (We understand that it will be Compatible, and not a physical module as such). Finally the availability and prices of these three new members of the Odyssey family. Samsung assures that they will arrive throughout the world throughout this month with dates that will vary depending on the specific region, instead, it has not offered any price, so these will have to be discovered already in stores and with taxes.

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