Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, for the reign in the mid-range

The Galaxy A33 5G is another of the smart phones that Samsung has in its portfolio for launch in january 2022. It will replace the A32 and will be the appetizer for the launch of the top of the range, the S22 that is expected a month later, in February. Onleaks says you can get an exclusive look at its design and features.

To maintain the world number one in mobile sales and stop Chinese manufacturers, Samsung knows that it needs to cover other needs and budgets than those covered by the flagships of the S series and their folding, impressive in design, but with a very high price. . Thus was born the new Galaxy “A” series that the firm will continue to strengthen.

Galaxy A33 5G

Once support for 5G is ‘democratized’, this model is not expected to ship in separate versions and there will not be a 4G edition as was the case with the previous model. It will support the most advanced mobile networks from the base model.

You will mount a flat screen 6.4 inch With a typical Samsung Infinity-U design, to make room for the selfie camera. Its native resolution will be FHD + (2,400 x 1,030 pixels) and the big news here would be the replacement of the LCD panel with a Super AMOLED, which if confirmed would be a level jump for this mid-range series.

The main camera will be reinforced in capacity with four sensors (main, wide angle, macro and depth) and here we will see another novelty, the use of the island design used by their older brothers. The rest of the design and appearance will not change, with the polycarbonate chassis up front.

The fingerprint sensor will continue to be located on the side and will have a USB Type-C port for data needs and charging of a generously sized battery in 5,000 mAh environments with a fast charging system. According to the renders, everything indicates that Samsung will remove the 3.5mm audio jack, a trend that Apple started and that, as in other things, has been followed by all manufacturers.

Hopefully it will at least maintain support for another of the elements that seems to have an expiration date on mobile phones, the microSD memory cards that will reinforce an internal storage that is expected to start at 64 Gbytes. As for RAM, several versions with 4-6-8 Gbytes are expected.

The chipset that Samsung will mount is unknown. Although it has its own Exynos, we believe that will continue betting on MediaTek for this series, although with the new Dimensity 900 5G with which the Chinese firm has raised the level of performance and support.

In the images we only see two color finishes, but we expect some more for the launch. As for price, the base version of the Galaxy A33 5G will be around 230 euros. Samsung will present it at the beginning of the year in advance of the launch of the S22.

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