Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 headphones for less than € 70, who could say better?

Run quickly to Amazon to acquire these Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 at the price of 69 € after several discounts (10 € in coupon and 39 € by ODR).

You received money on Christmas from your loved ones, and you want to buy wireless headphones to listen to your favorite music? In this case, we advise you to get closer to Amazon and in particular the Galaxy Buds 2. Why? Because there is currently a sublime promotion on Samsung wireless headphones at Amazon! Thanks to their promotion, the coupon that gives you an immediate €10 reduction and Samsung’s €30 cashback offer, the Galaxy Buds 2 will ultimately only cost you €69 instead of €149.99. A saving of 80.99 € which awaits you comfortably warm.

Take advantage of the offer

Cumulative offers for the benefit of your wallet

Although the wireless earphone market is largely won by Apple AirPods, Samsung earphones should by no means be sidelined. Thanks to a long-standing partnership between Samsung and AKG, these Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 have it all thanks to an atypical design, good audio quality and excellent features.

Of course, loving a design of wireless headphones is unique to everyone. By the way, if you don’t like in-ear headphones, turn around. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind such kind of headphones in this case, stick with us because you won’t be disappointed.

Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are currently on sale at Amazon for € 109.99, adding the € 10 coupon (on the product page) will drop the price to € 99.99. This sum must be paid in order to receive them. Once you have received the Galaxy Buds 2 at your home, you can start the process to get a refund of € 30 thanks to Samsung’s ODR. To do this, you will have to follow the steps given by going to the Samsung site. Once the file is completed, the refund will arrive directly in your bank account within just a few days.

All the know-how of Samsung and AKG on Galaxy Buds 2

When it comes to features, these Samsung Buds 2 are able to significantly reduce outside noise thanks to their active and passive noise reduction (silicone mouthpiece). Thanks to its five hours of battery life, you will be able to watch your films and series and listen to your music without interruption. Once discharged, the case can add an additional 15 hours of battery life to the Buds 2 to pick up where you left off.

So what are you waiting for to acquire the Galaxy Buds 2? Especially at this price! Find the wireless headphones on the Amazon page by clicking directly here. For the money back offer, just click here.

Take advantage of the offer

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