Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Unpacked on January 4?

The only thing we can firmly affirm, regarding the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is that it is being made to beg. And it is that in recent weeks we have gone from the rumors that pointed to its presentation in the second part of Unpacked, which as you will remember finally did not happen, to those who now point out that its debut will take place at the next CES 2022, between January 5 and 8, something that might make a lot of sense.

However, when we were expecting little news in this regard, Jon Prosser has surprised us with a new filtration, which although it does not represent a huge change with respect to what we already expected, it does make a striking difference, and therefore deserves to be taken into account and analyzed. And, according to the popular leaker, the Galaxy S21 FE will not see the light during CES, but at an Unpacked event taking place on January 4, that is, one day before the start of the technology fair in Las Vegas.

This is striking because, as we already told you just a few days ago, other media firmly affirmed that the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE would take place at CES. However, Prosser’s track record of success makes us doubt a bit about the security shown by such media. And it is also that the date is not the only data that we can see in Prosser’s tweet, in which he also tells us that there will be no reservation option, and that the phone will go on sale just a week later, on January 11 of 2022.

As you can see from the tweet, Prosser not only talks about the Galaxy S21 FE, he also claims that We can see the Galaxy S22 for the first time in a second Unpacked, which would take place practically a month later, February 8, that in that case, reservations will be allowed from the same day of the announcement, and that it will go on sale 10 days later, on February 18.

If everything stated in the tweet is fulfilled, without a doubt It is striking that Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S22 are going to reach the market with such a short time difference. And although there may be a thousand reasons for this, everything indicates that the main reason could be the shortage of chips that is so complicating the situation in recent times. Thus, Samsung would have been forced to delay the arrival of the Galaxy S21 to the market with respect to its original plans.

Other voices, although minority, point out the possibility that Samsung is considering the possibility of matching the releases of the FE version of one generation simultaneously with the top of the range of the next generation. If so, it would be possible that the event in early January would mark the coming-out of both the Galaxy S21 FE and the Galaxy S22. However, at least for now, this option seems very, very unlikely, as well as being somewhat questionable.

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