Samsung Galaxy S22: leaked… from behind

Except for the imponderable, only a few weeks separate us from the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 family, the new iteration of the Korean manufacturer’s top-of-the-range range that are indisputably among the main references in the high-end range. Thus, year after year we wait for the news that each new generation will bring us, something that usually takes less time than the company would like, thanks to the increasingly frequent leaks.

And so Although today Samsung has not yet revealed anything about the Galaxy S22You can review our publications from the last few months, and you will see (if you haven’t already read them) that a lot of information has already been leaked about this new generation. Although yes, of course, I do not forget that when talking about leaks we must always bear in mind that nothing is safe and, although some of them, due to their origins, are more reliable than others, until the manufacturer (in this case Samsung) does not make smartphones official, or at least anticipates part of their characteristics, we should not take anything for sure.

Starting from that premise, today we find a leak of the most interesting, and that is that as we can see in SamMobile, Images of the back of all members of the Galaxy S22 family would have been leaked, some images that show us several things, and that allow us to draw some conclusions, among them, that it seems that Samsung does not want to say goodbye, at all, to its very successful Note.

And it is that after, as predicted in 2020, this year we have not seen a Note 21, there are many (although not all, this is important to clarify) the voices that end the life cycle of Note, that would find its relief in the Ultra version of the S line. And when we see the filtered images of the Galaxy S22, the design of the Ultra model, on the left in both images, we see that this model would have a more angular design, less rounded than its smaller brothers, thus bringing the design of the top of the range closer together. from the Galaxy S22 to the Note, longed for by many.

There is not much difference between the Galaxy S22 (on the right in both images) and the Galaxy S22 +, which have a similar design, at least on the back and in what we can see from the sides, and in which therefore the only notable difference that we can deduce from these photographs is that of size, something that obviously already we expected, based on what has been seen in previous generations.

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