Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, an inexpensive but capable tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a tablet with which the South Korean giant aims directly at the economic mid-range market, a very crowded level where it is necessary to offer a good value for money to be able to compete with the big players in this sector.

It seems that Samsung is aware of this reality, since even though the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 has been conceived as an economical solution, won’t give up on a good setup at the hardware level. This is, in the end, key so that it can offer a good level of performance, and an optimal user experience.

The first information we have indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 will be a 10.5-inch Android-based tablet. It will use an IPS-type panel, and it will have a chassis made of aluminum, which will result in a quality finish despite the fact that, as we said, this is an inexpensive mid-range model.

To reduce the sale price, without giving up a good level of performance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 will use a chip Unisoc T618, a solution that includes an eight-core CPU at a maximum of 2 GHz, and that is capable of offering quite good performance, since in general it positions almost at the same level as a Snapdragon 660.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 will have, in its base configuration, a total of 3 GB of RAM memory, and it may have 64 GB of storage capacity. It will also be available in a superior configuration equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage capacity.

For the rest, the resolution of your screen will be 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, it will have Wi-Fi connectivity and we can choose a variant with 4G LTE connectivity that will allow us to always be connected, without having to depend on a nearby Wi-Fi network. Obviously, that 4G model will be priced higher than the standard model. We still do not have information on the final sale price in Spain.

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