Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: August 10

If yesterday we echoed a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked this summer could take place the next August 10just 24 hours later we can now confirm that this information was correctand therefore the event will take place on the second Tuesday of next month, that is, just three weeks from today, so the countdown to one of the most important events of the year has already begun .

Confirmation occurred in a tweet published by Samsung, although it is true that they have not chosen to publish the date without further ado. Instead they have resorted to a game based on a color code that users must solve to find out the date. A game that is not too complex, yes (in reality it is very simple) and that, therefore, has allowed many users to quickly reveal the content that is hidden behind the six colored circles, which correspond to 081022, it is that is, August 10, 2022, expressed as a month, day, and year. In the three images of the tweet you can see everything you need to clear up the mystery:

So, if you are interested in new releases from Samsung, you can now write that date on the calendar. However, do not worry, because the day has come from MuyComputer We will tell you all the news presented by the Korean technology on the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked.

And what will be presented at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked?

If until now there was little doubt that the new generation of folding would be the star of the event, now we have no doubt that the event will be the coming-out of the new Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4, since coinciding with the official confirmation of the event date, some official renders of both models have been leaked. Some renders that show us that, in terms of design, no big changes await us, not to say that both models are practically indistinguishable from their versions of the previous year, according to the images published by Gsmarena.

This is what the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will look like:

And here we can see what the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 will look like:

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: August 10

For its part, by following the links you can remember the designs of the Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip3, to confirm for yourself that, indeed, in this case we must expect that the evolution has occurred inside.

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