Samsung Galaxy: updates arrive even faster in Europe

Samsung wants to roll out updates to Galaxy smartphones faster in Europe. To achieve this, the South Korean giant will offer a single firmware for the entire continent.

According to information from our colleagues at Galaxy Club, a specialized and reputable Dutch media, Samsung is deploying Faster and faster updates to its phones in Europe. For several months, the Seoul giant would have made some changes to the way firmwares are offered on the old continent.

A change appeared when the Galaxy A52 was released last year. Since the launch of the mid-range, updates are not no longer confined to a specific country. Concretely, the developers of Samsung do not develop any more updates of the interface intended for only one country.

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Samsung simplifies updates for Europe

The updates offered on the brand’s latest terminals, such as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, are similar throughout Europe. Previously, the firmware dedicated to active devices in France was different from that deployed in Germany or Italy for example.

The media spotted a specific code linked to the European market in each update: “THEM”. We have ourselves noticed this changefor the first time in May with the 4G model of the Galaxy A52″, explains Galaxy Club. Since then, updates confined to a single specific region have become rare.

Updates designed for the whole of Europe have also appeared on the Galaxy A52 , Galaxy M22 and Galaxy M52. Citing information obtained by brand employees, the media outlet claims that Samsung is not developing no national interface update for its next smartphones, including the Galaxy S22.

By offering a single firmware for all of Europe, Samsung would be able toaccelerate deployment updates on the smartphones in its catalog. Ultimately, the updates will be offered at the same time in all countries on the European continent. This protocol will be implemented on the terminals that will be released in stores this year.

Source: Galaxy Club

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