Samsung gives color to its smart monitors with the new M8 Smart Monitor

Samsung has just introduced the latest update to its smart monitor series with the arrival of the M8 Smart Monitor, monitors with an elegant and updated design that many may find somewhat familiar. And it is that the latest bet of the South Korean company is largely similar to the latest iMac presented by Apple, both in design and colors, as well as in its all-in-one functionality.

Thus, we find ourselves with a quite renewed monitor with respect to its predecessor, reducing its thickness by up to three quarters compared to previous models, staying at just 11.4 millimeters and a flat back design. Although without a doubt the biggest change comes from the inclusion of this new range of colors, which despite maintaining a warm white rear panel, is complemented by different pastel tones for the support, the sides and the small frame on the front of the same.

The Samsung Smart Monitor series is a family of the world’s first do-it-all displays, designed for modern users who demand a product that offers both functionality and home entertainment. Not only is it a traditional monitor, but the M8 also allows users to enjoy a variety of OTT servicesincluding Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV, even without the need to connect it to a PC or television thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, it is a monitor equally oriented to productivity. The M8 Smart Monitor provides a seamless home office environment for multiple devices via the Smart Hub. The Workspace user interface offers all the services needed to work on a single screen, helping users connect wirelessly to any Windows or Mac PC or laptop, and efficiently use a wide range of useful features. like Samsung DeX, or our own services like Apple AirPlay 2 or Microsoft 365.

In addition, the M8 Smart Monitor will not only be compatible with computers, but also with smartphones and tabletsbeing able to duplicate any content directly on the monitor.

On the other hand, one of the novelties of this monitor is the inclusion of the SlimFit Cam, a magnetic and removable webcam that can be connected to the monitor, with face tracking and automatic zoom functions, which quickly identify a person’s face when it is on the screen and automatically focus on the subject. A perfect choice for both active presentations and live broadcasts, whether in the workplace or personal, offering full compatibility with video chat applications such as Google Duo.

Equipped with a high sensitivity Far Field Voice microphone, the assistant controls devices like Bixby and Amazon Alexa using voice commands. In addition, the microphone uses an Always On Voice feature, which displays conversation information on the screen when Bixby is activated, even if the monitor screen is turned off.

And it is that the M8 Smart Monitor has the IoT hub, SmartThings Hubthrough which we can connect all our IoT devices wirelessly, being able to control the entire house easily from the control panel of this application.

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