Samsung Mini LED TV sales have been much lower than expected

Slowly Mini LED technology has been making its way to become one of the best alternatives to OLED panels. More and more manufacturers present televisions with this type of screen, such as Hisense’s latest flagship, but Samsung is the main exponent with its models.

Although it seems that Samsung Neo QLED TVs with this technology have sold much less than expected. Mainly because, as reported by Omdia, sales of Samsung Mini LED TVs have been 1 million units. If you take into account that the Korean manufacturer’s sales expectations were 2 million units, the result is quite disappointing.

To say that the firm specialized in market analysis has analyzed the shipments of Samsung Electronics where its line of Neo QLED Mini LED televisions has not worked as the Korean company expected.

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Why sales of Samsung Neo QLED TVs have been so low

One of the advantages of the Mini LED technology that integrates the best Neo QLED televisions comes from the fact that they offer an improved contrast ratio by using a very small mini LED for the rear light source.

At the beginning of last year, the prospect of Samsung Electronics leading the mini-LED market was dominant, but as time went on, expectations fell. In the second half of 2020, another market research firm, TrendForce, predicted that Samsung Electronics’ Neo QLED TV shipments in 2021 would exceed 2 million units.

Omdia’s first forecasts, published in June last year, bet that Samsung would ship about 1.8 million units, but finally it has remained in almost half, by not exceeding one million Mini LED televisions sold.

It is noteworthy that the main reason for this drop in forecasts It has to do with the coronavirus. The price of LCD panels rose, making more and more users prefer to bet on an OLED television.

For this reason, Samsung Electronics continues to bet fully on its Neo QLED line. And for this reason Omdia estimated that Samsung Electronics will ship 3 to 3.5 million mini LED TVs this year.

Samsung’s commitment to OLED is firm

Sony A95K

On the other hand, this market analysis agency has also indicated that Samsung Electronics will continue betting heavily on organic light-emitting diode panels. In this way, the Korean giant is expected to buy 3.2 million OLED TV panels from LG Display and Samsung Display, of which 2 million will be (W)-OLED from LG Display and 1.2 million QD-OLED units from Samsung Display.

According to Omdia, Samsung’s sales forecasts would be around 5 or 5.5 million units through its 8K Neo QLED, 4K Neo QLED, QD-OLED and 4K W-OLED series. Regarding the sale of mid-range and entry-level QLED televisions, it would approach 8 million units, so they could reach 13 million shipments, 27% of Samsung’s total volume for this year, which would be about 48 million teams. It should be remembered that Samsung has different entry-level models, where it achieves an impressive sales volume.

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