Samsung Odyssey Neo G8: the first mini-LED 4K / 240 Hz display for gamers

Samsung has just unveiled its new gamer screen: the Odyssey Neo G8. It is a very interesting monitor since it offers a definition in 4K as well as a refresh rate in 240 Hz. A first on the market.

Samsung’s Odyssey range is enhanced with a brand new screen: the Odyssey Neo G8. Presented upstream of CES, this monitor is above all dedicated to gamers. It is indeed equipped with all the ideal features for the game.

Odyssey range requires, this Neo G8 embeds the very particular design of its colleagues. We thus find the very aggressive lines, but also the presence of the orb at the back, which can change color according to your desires. What to perfectly adjust it according to your setup.

Odyssey G8 is the first display to combine 4K and 240Hz

This Odyssey G8 offers a 32-inch screen, the ideal size for gaming. This screen features mini-led technology for better brightness and better contrast. Samsung thus promises peak brightness at 2000 nits, which is great for a desktop monitor. The contrast is displayed at 1,000,000: 1, which promises perfect visibility in game, even in dark environments.

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This slab is curved. It has a curvature of 1000R, this means a radius of 1000 mm. It is one of the most curved monitors on the market, it contributes to a total immersion in the game, but little disturbing for the work (like photo processing). But the particularity of this Odyssey Neo G8 is of course its definition in 4K (3 840 x 2 160 pixels) coupled with a refresh rate of 240 Hz. A first on the market. On paper, this is the screen to choose if you have a NASA PC and want to play without compromise.

We have tested several Odyssey displays in the past (the G7 as well as the G7 28) and all of them are of very good quality. We hope that it will be the same with this new model. So far, Samsung has not communicated a price or a release date.

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