Samsung offers you to try a Galaxy… on your iPhone

The eternal competition between Apple and Samsung, which has manifested in all available arenas (from the judicial sphere to that of marketing), has sometimes left us with a memorable or, at least, funny and ingenious moment. It is true that, on occasion, the Korean technology company has also criticized Apple for taking some measure, only to adopt it a few months later. And yes, I mean that moment when the boxes of the new smartphones became a little smaller and weighed a little less, you know what I mean.

Competition is healthy that companies compete with each other usually redounds in favor of the consumerjust the opposite of what happens when they agree on prices, establish hidden alliances and similar techniques that, fortunately, are persecuted by the regulators, although unfortunately on many occasions these actions are not sanctioned or, if they are, the fines to be paid are of a an amount much lower than the benefits that these actions have reported.

The marketing departments of these companies have, from time to time, really interesting ideas when it comes to pointing out the opponent. We can imagine that in reality there are many more than those that see the light, but of course, there are also limits to this, so that if a large part of Samsung’s communication were dedicated to attacking Apple, or vice versa, this would end up tiring and perhaps even negatively affecting the image of the attacker, rather than the attacked.

From time to time we see, by these companies, actions aimed at facilitating the jump from one platform to another for those users who are considering it, but what I have never seen, and it seems to me most ingenious, is the action Try Galaxy, and that offers iPhone users to try the Galaxy experience on their own mobile. For this purpose, those interested will only have to scan the bidi that is shown on the web page and follow the instructions that are shown on the web page that will open.

Samsung offers you to try a Galaxy... on your iPhone

On a technical level, the proposal is quite simple (and, therefore, limited), since it is a web-app that we will have to add to the iPhone desktop. When accessing it, we will be shown the interface of a Galaxy, with limited access to some of its apps and functions. In addition, after a few seconds we will hear the more than characteristic sound that notifies us that we have received a message, something that will be repeated several times during the first minutes.

Unfortunately, as it is a web-app its functions are more than limited. It does not allow us, for example, to test the Galaxy camera app (although it does include information about it), see how it manages open apps, make configuration settings and, even less, access content stored on the phone. This makes sense, of course, Apple may not have allowed such an app to be released (although it would be interesting to see how they justified it), but I think that if Samsung wants to fully push this idea, it should go further and give it a try.

Of course, It would also be great if Apple decided to reply, bringing to Google Play an app that emulates the iOS experience, to try to make Android users discover the reason why so many Apple smartphone users are so satisfied with it. I’m not counting on seeing something like this, but the truth is that I love the idea and, although Samsung’s approach is quite limited, I think it’s a success.

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