Samsung OLED 55 (2022) on offer at the historical minimum

The market has at our disposal a lot of television models that adapt to each and every one of the needs of the users. Most will settle for standard equipment, the typical 4K display with an IPS LED panel that has good contrast and decent viewing angles. However, there are users who only settle for the latest and most modern. For them was born OLED technology, a type of panel that today has no competition. If you know this world well, you will already know very well that televisions with OLED panels are not exactly cheap. We cannot say that the model that we are going to show you today is for all budgets, but it has experienced a quite interesting discount in the last hours. Come on, if you were thinking about it, this is your chance.

A unique offer while supplies last

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Although Samsung continues to experiment with its own technologies to find an alternative to OLED, the truth is that Koreans also have their own line of televisions that mount these panels. One of the most interesting televisions of the entire range that they have for sale with those that have the technology Quantum HDR 1500 OLED. Of all of them, the model 55 inches this year is an outstanding product, but we cannot say that it is cheap. Its recommended PVP is about 2,399 euros, although it has had days when its price has been exceeding 2,500 euros.

In the last few hours, this model has experienced a truly spectacular price reduction on Amazon. The television has become worth 1,699 euroswhich means a discount of almost 400 euros compared to the price that this same product had yesterday in this store.

What does the Samsung OLED TV 55S95 2022 offer?

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This Samsung OLED model is one of the most advanced televisions in its entire catalog. This is a TV for enthusiasts, and it has a 55-inch 4K panel. Thanks to its panel technology, this TV can reproduce a pure black color thanks to self-luminous pixels. It can also represent more than 1,000 million colors thanks to Quantum Dot technology. All this, without sacrificing brightness.

The TV is capable of improve image quality of anything we see in it thanks to its processor and treatment with artificial intelligence. The board has a 120Hz refresh rate, being a really interesting device to play video games with new generation consoles. This experience is enhanced by the integrated 60-watt speakers that support Dolby Atmos.

Regarding its operating system, how could it be otherwise, this Samsung OLED TV has Tizen TVOS, one of the most interesting operating systems that we currently have on the market.

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