Samsung patents a smartwatch with a foldable roll-up screen

After its undeniable success in both foldable phone and smartwatch markets, and maintaining its position among the largest smartphone manufacturers, it seems that Samsung is deciding to continue expanding and innovating within these two sectors, after having revealed a patent that could revolutionize the concept of wearables.

Spotted and shared by LetsGoDigital, this Samsung patent goes even one step further, literally fusing smartwatch concepts with its latest foldable smartphones.

Although at first glance this device will pass for a common smart watch, its circular screen hides a couple of secrets. And it is that either by performing the reverse pinch gesture or by pressing its side button, the upper and lower halves of this screen can be expanded by unfolding to form a more elongated surface that, according to the report itself, would offer up to 40% more screen space.

Samsung patent roll-up screen smartwatch

On the other hand, the patent also hints at the presence of a camera below the screen, located right in the middle of the screen. Presumably, Samsung would take advantage of the technology present in the camera of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in this case, perhaps with a simpler sensor intended exclusively for video calls. Unfortunately, the patent does not indicate whether the camera will be usable at all times or whether it will be tied by default to the use of the expanded or compact display.

That said, we cannot ignore mentioning that it is undoubtedly about a very ambitious concept for today. And it is that the use of a round roll-up screen, together with its reduced size, undoubtedly pose as quite complex problems. In addition, at the moment Samsung does not have no software that supports this user experience that can adapt to the changing screen format, neither by Tizen OS nor by Google’s recently adopted Wear OS.

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