Samsung plans to build 11 factories in Texas

Samsung is currently building a factory in Texas. Specifically in Austin, in which he is going to invest some 17,000 million dollars. But it is not going to be the only one that he is going to raise in the country, nor in that same area. In fact, he is already thinking about the next plants that he will build there. And they will be nothing less than 11.

The South Korean company has applied for tax breaks, according to The Statesman, for undertake the construction of 11 more factoriesapart from the one that is already raising, in the Tylor and Manor districts of the state. Of course, it is not yet definitive that he is going to lift them, and of course everything depends to a large extent on whether or not he obtains the requested tax exemptions.

If granted, they would add to the $4.8 billion Texas has already awarded for facilities under construction, and the company’s plans will more than likely be scrapped. But if the local authorities grant them, Samsung’s total investment in Texas with these 11 new factories could reach no less than 192,000 million dollars.

To this would be added the more than 10,000 jobs that the construction of these plants would create in the area, thanks to a project that would become the largest economic investment in history in central Texas.

Two of the 11 planned factories would be in Austin, and the other nine would be in the town of Taylor, a small town of about 17,000 people northeast of Austin, where Samsung’s new factory is being built. The Austin plants would take 25.4 billion dollars of the total planned investment, and would create 1,800 jobs. Those of Taylor would concentrate the remaining 167,600 million dollars, creating 8,200 jobs in the area.

Of course, we will have to wait until at least 2034 for the first of these factories to come into operation. Two of them are scheduled to come into operation much later: no less than in 2042.

From Samsung they have confirmed the request for the incentives, which have been requested as part of the company’s long-term planning. One of his spokespersons has indicated that with this measure they seek «assess the feasibility of potential construction of additional manufacturing plants in the United States«.

Texas’ incentive program is due to end soon, at the end of this year, which has prompted companies wanting to build factories in the state to rush to apply in recent months. Samsung is just one of those that have done it. But it is also one of those that has the most incentives to continue building factories in these. On the one hand, it already has a solid presence in Austin, where it has been operating since 1997, and currently employs about 10,000 people. It is the point outside of South Korea where the most people work for the group.

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