Samsung prepares a foldable three-screen

Samsung has dominated the foldable smartphone market for as long as it has existed. What’s more, we can almost say that this market exists because of the commitment of the Korean technology company, and that only after the market survey carried out by the company have we seen other technology companies make the leap to it. This, beware, is not a criticism of the others, because in recent times they have presented some of the most interesting devices. No, it is a recognition of the key role that Samsung has played in betting so decisively on folding.

Now, being the one who has led the way does not mean always staying in the first position, not even in the first line. As new participants join, the ideas of the first generation are no longer enough to stay in the spotlight, and that is when it is time to reinvigorate creativity and innovation, not just to maintain one’s own image, but also to not lose positions once the competition starts to show its teetheither with more innovative devices, with more competitive prices, etc.

Samsung is therefore very aware of what is at stake and of the importance of both constantly renewing its folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, as well as exploring new possibilities. It is likely that quite a few ideas do not make it past the design table or the spreadsheet used to determine their costs, but others, such as the 360-degree folding screen that we showed you a few weeks ago, do reach, at least, the phase prototype.

We still do not know in what phase (of the earliest, yes) this new project is, but according to the well-known and generally reliable leaker Yogesh Brar, Samsung is working on a three-screen foldable smartphonean interesting step that would come to advance the approach, which we have already seen in other prototypes, which aims to offer the form factor and size of a smartphone and also that of a full-size tablet in a single device.

In a time, it was thought that this versatility would be achieved thanks to roll-up screensa technology in which we could see some plans and advances a few years ago, but for some time now it seems to have lost positions compared to models with two (or more) screens together with highly resistant and reliable hinges.

The leaker does not provide additional information, but reminded me of the ill-fated LG Project B, one of the latest concepts to come out of LG’s revolutionary ideas lab shortly before the company closed its smartphone division. Perhaps Samsung has decided to pick up where LG left off and, personally, I think it would be something to celebrate.

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