Samsung Q-Symphony: what you should know about its sound technology

What is Samsung Q-Symphony?

Q-Symphony is the name given to Samsung’s high-end TV audio technology. It serves to enhance the listening experience, creating surround sound using your televisions and sound bars.

Contrary to what it may seem, Q-Symphony is not hardware as such. It is a set of software tools that are exclusive to some Korean brand soundbars and TVs. To use it, you must have both a compatible TV and a sound bar that supports the technology. Q-Symphony is always going to require the use of those two elements; It cannot be used if you do not have a sound bar of the brand that is also compatible.

What devices are supported?

At the moment, Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology is only available on its high-end TVs and sound bars released since 2020.

Q-Symphony Compatible TVs

2021 model year

  • QN900A, QN850A, and QN800A 8K Neo QLED TVs
  • QN90A, QN9DA, QN85A, QN85DA, Q80A, Q8DA, Q70A, Q7DA, Q60A, Q6DA, and Q50A 4K QLED TV
  • AU8000 and AU800D Crystal UHDTV
  • LS03A Frame TV and MS1A Micro LED TV

2020 model year

  • Q950TS and Q900TS 8K QLED TV
  • Q850T and Q800T 8K QLED TV
  • Q90T 4K QLEDTV
  • Q80T 4K QLEDTV

Q-Symphony compatible soundbars

Samsung Q Symphony

2022 models

  • HW-Q990B
  • HW-S800B
  • HW-S801B Ultra Slim

2021 models

  • HW-Q950A
  • HW-Q900A
  • HW-Q800A
  • HW-Q700A
  • HW-Q600A

2020 models

  • HW-Q950T
  • HW-Q900T
  • HW-Q800T
  • HW-Q70T
  • HW-Q60T

How to set up Samsung Q-Symphony

Samsung Q Symphony

To set up your Q-Symphony sound system, you’ll first need to make sure you have both a television such as a sound bar that are listed in the previous section. Once we ensure that, we can connect the sound bar to the TV in two different ways: using an HDMI cable or an optical cable. The process, as you can see, is extremely simple.

When you have everything connected, it will be time to change the source of your sound bar to D.IN. To make this change, use your TV’s remote control and hold down the ‘Source’ button. After a few seconds, ‘D.IN’ will appear on the TV.

Sound bar and display will now appear as ‘TV+Sound bar‘ in the TV output menu. Done this, done. Now you can listen to music, watch movies, play video games or whatever you want with your Q-Symphony compatible Samsung TV and soundbar. The technology will take care of guaranteeing you an immersive 3D sound like you have never been able to enjoy at home before.

What’s new in technology for 2022

Samsung Q-Symphony is a very recent technology. So, is in constant development. During all this time, it has been polished and improved. Also every year it has been receiving new compatible products, gradually expanding the ecosystem.

Dolby Atmos Compatibility

At CES 2022, the Koreans showed the cards of how Samsung Q-Symphony was going to evolve in the future. One of the great innovations that this technology will receive is the Dolby Atmos support wirelessly. Also the synchronization between the speakers and the TV will be improved in the not too distant future.

On the other hand, at said fair the top-of-the-range model was not updated, that is, the Q50A, which has a whopping 11.1.4 audio channels. However, he did show up Samsung HW-Q990B, which uses multiple wireless speakers to reproduce 11.1.4-channel surround sound with support for Dolby Atmos. The Q990B also gets an update to its subwoofer, which now uses an “acoustic lens” design that the company claims disperses sound evenly while delivering better low-frequency performance.

On the other hand, the Q900 series from Samsung, which had a 7.1.2-channel configuration in 2021, goes to 9.1.2-channel in 2022 thanks to its new wireless rear speakers, while the previous 3.1.2-channel Q800 series will now add side speakers in the case from the main soundbar, which will bring your setup up to 5.1.2 channels. Lastly, the line Q700 3.1.2-ch receives an update to the top speakers, paving the way for future software enhancements.

better calibration

Another of the great improvements of Samsung Q-Symphony for 2022 is a new technology that allows a total calibration of the sound in the room. Q-Symphony can now partner with other TV-compatible speakers to run audio in harmony with the sound bar, maximizing the 3D sound effect.

The technology Space Fit Sound Advance will optimize the sound from the speakers based on the size of the room. It will be dedicated to testing the reverberations of the room from both the sound bar and the subwoofer. In this way, whatever you hear, the sound will be fully optimized.

Design improvements

It is becoming more and more interesting to mount televisions directly on the wall. However, the soundbar has to be located in a position close to the TV. This has forced many manufacturers to design soundbars that are slimmer, sleeker, and more attractive, and that are seen as a complement to the TV.

Samsung’s two bets in this field are the S800B and S801B Ultra Slim sound bars. They are only 4 centimeters deep and perform like full-size soundbars. All this is possible thanks to the fact that Samsung has achieved quite powerful bass thanks to passive radiator technology.

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