Samsung reinforces its commitment to sustainability

During CES 2022, Samsung took advantage of the event’s stage to present a series of environmental initiatives focused on caring for the planet that will ultimately help create solutions and appliances with a higher degree of sustainability, and that they will reduce the use of materials and the generation of waste (in relation to packaging).

Hyesoon Yang, Samsung Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Appliance Business Customer Experience Officer, commented:

“At CES 2022, we explained how Samsung will help address some of the world’s most pressing environmental and sustainability issues. Collaborations to combat microplastic contamination; help consumers reduce their energy consumption; reduce waste by using recycled plastic; and the adaptation of eco-conscious packaging, these are some of the keys on which we are working to develop various tangible solutions to environmental problems and a sustainable future ”.

To achieve these goals, Samsung has signed important alliances internationally. For example, the South Korean giant has teamed up with Q CELLS to develop a new zero-energy home integration feature for SmartThings Energy, offering production and storage data from solar panels and energy storage systems that will prove very useful, according to the company, so that consumers can achieve the energy self-sufficiency.

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Samsung has also confirmed a collaboration with Wattbuy in the United States, and with Uswitch in the United Kingdom, to make its users become “The most profitable energy supplier in the area”. Additionally, Samsung aims to increase the amount of recycled plastic used in its home appliances and to introduce the expansion of its eco-friendly packaging to global markets in 2022.

There is no doubt that Samsung is embracing a number of very successful measurements to enhance their commitment to the planet, and that this represents, in the end, an important movement for all consumers in the world.

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