Samsung: rollable smartphones won’t be on the agenda for some time

In an economic context in full contraction, Samsung seems to want to concentrate on improving its existing ranges and making less room for innovation. This is what Me Choong-hoon Yi, CEO of the UBI Research Institute and Korean financial analyst, thinks.

A Galaxy Z Flip 3 / Credit: Unsplash

Samsung is committed to providing phones for all types of users. The world’s leading smartphone manufacturer is also committed to creating new technologies. Only IBM can claim to hold more patents than the Korean giant. Me Yi, however, said at a conference that Samsung would not be in a hurry to once again reproduce a concept that appeared before the advent of smartphones. A new form factor would struggle to find a place in the market. Sales of pull-outs would encroach on those of fold-aways. The company would also not consider developing the rollable devices.

The South Korean giant actually had it announced during the presentation of its financial statement. It will give priority to its devices with high added value. The end-of-year celebrations should see an explosion in the brand’s top of the range, the Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and other Z Flip 4. It is therefore out of the question to disperse and create competition between its own products. .

Samsung prioritizes folding smartphones, roll-ups will come later

Still according to Me Yi, the sliding handsets would be less attractive than the foldables currently on offer. The protective polyimide film of their screen would be prone to erosion and unpleasant to the touch. To top it all, it would prevent the use of the S Pen. By nature, such a screen would be even more fragile than that of current foldable smartphones. Devices that Samsung will have taken three years to perfect.

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The hope of using Samsung or a competitor’s rollable TVs or PCs in the near future is slim. Samsung’s Display Division has achieved a technological lead in patents and in quality and productivity that no company is poised to innovate more than it. “Samsung’s Chinese competitors may try to launch sliding devices to stand out, but the potential seems limited “”.

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