Samsung shows at its event the importance of mobile technology for SMEs

Samsung Electronics held its “B2B Summit, Unfold your Business” event yesterday, Tuesday, with the presence of more than 200 companies virtually and in person. The meeting has revealed what are the new challenges facing businesses and the opportunities offered by the mobile technology in Industry 4.0.

David alonso, Director of the Mobility Business for Spain and Portugal, welcomed the event with a video by Raúl Blanco, Secretary General for Industry and SMEs at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Subsequently, Alonso has highlighted the importance of security as part of the new mobile strategies that companies must adopt: “In new environments, new threats appear, and without going any further, 2020 has been the year with the highest number of cyberattacks in history. Therefore, we must be very aware of the importance of security in the digitization processes that are being carried out in companies. We cannot ignore the need for safe and productive mobile devices, such as ruggedized or foldable ”.

As part of the digitization processes that businesses must face, Carlos Gándara, responsible for B2B at Samsung, and Felipe Asenjo, responsible for B2B products and services at Samsung, have deepened the relevance of devices and tools that facilitate productivity and, therefore, the efficiency of business processes for greater competitiveness.

54% of customers acknowledge that adequate infrastructure it would have helped them better manage the situation of change during the pandemic. The workplace has been transformed and so have the devices. For example, 34% of employees recognize that they are more productive with ruggedized products and these present 15% fewer failures in field work”, Explained Felipe Asenjo. For his part, Carlos Gándara has argued: “The rugged ones are resistant and do not paralyze the process, this is very important in critical services. Although some companies considered that innovating and equipping their business with mobile devices was an expense, now they have seen that it definitely supposes a saving of costs ”.

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In addition, both have agreed on the great acceleration that has occurred in digital communication processes, equivalent to six years in sight. “Businesses are looking for devices that allow them to view more content and be more productive. It’s about seeing more and doing more; And here our Z series folding fit very well, where we can exchange information between apps and do it more comfortably. We have a whole ecosystem of devices that work with each other and that adjust to the needs of each company, such as Samsung Dex, which allows us to have a PC experience”, Stated Felipe Asenjo. “We are aware of the problems of our clients. We can mobilize and secure the workplace thanks to Samsung Knox, and if the company wishes, we offer more options for each type of business ”, Carlos Gándara concluded.

Customer opinion

The IVECO company, a world manufacturer of industrial and passenger vehicles, has exposed how they have improved the quality of their repair service after purchasing ruggedized devices from Samsung, as part of the digital transformation of its workshops and dealerships.

Connecting the vehicle allows us to unite it to the customer, but also to the workshop, and this definitely improves the customer experience. That is why we have carried out the modernization of our dealerships, taking the information to the cloud so that the processes could be done in real time through a tablet “Ricardo Veganzones, Iveco Spain and Portugal Service Director, has highlighted. “We have gone from paper to digitization, and the security offered by Samsung devices, for example, for the digital signature of documents, allows us to be calm in all our business processes. The first beneficiary is the customer, who from the moment he enters an IVECO workshop, has real-time knowledge of the repair process. Now, we can repair more vehicles, we are faster and the customer perceives it. Our goal is to connect all dealerships 100% and offer even more information to the customer in real time “, has expressed Ricardo Veganzones.

The event concluded with a round table on new collection solutions for mPOS (mobile points of sale) where they have participated Eduardo Prieto, Country Manager of Visa in Spain; Juan Guruceta, CEO of Divilo and Pablo de Cea, co-founder and general manager of Gopick. For its part, Divilo, a fintech that offers 360º solutions in payments, collections and accounting tools for companies and the self-employed, has explained how they allow the mobile phone to be transformed into a dataphone.

We are convinced that it is an innovative instrument called to transform the management of payments and collections due to its immediacy, security and transparency “, has detailed Juan Guruceta, CEO of Divilo. Finally, Pablo de Cea de Gopick, has concluded: “We saw that it was necessary to offer a series of services to the hospitality sector to make it more efficient, simplify its operations and order management. In our case, we offer a comprehensive platform where we can do the entire process; from the time the customer asks until he pays, with all the centralized, clear and real-time information. The aim is to make life easier for the customer, the supplier and the employee ”.

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