Samsung Smart TVs now have more free channels

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, you probably know their Samsung TV Plus service. This has been installed in the brand’s televisions since 2016 and offers totally free content to your customers. Now, following an agreement with BBC Studios, the channel list is growing in Europe, adding new multimedia content to its repertoire.

Samsung TV Plus streaming service gets bigger

Samsung TV Plus has been offering a very varied catalog of channels to owners of a Samsung Smart TV for 5 years. It is a totally free service. There is no type of subscription, and the only requirement is to have our device connected to the Internet in order to use it. Also, Samsung TV Plus is also compatible with Android devices, although so far they are only supported smartphones and tablets of the family Samsung galaxy.

All these years have served Samsung to get to know its customers well and gradually offer a more refined and complete service. As a result of this experience acquired over time, Samsung has now decided to close a agreement with the British firm BBC Studios. Thanks to this, high-quality films, documentaries and series will reach the smart TVs of the South Korean brand completely free of charge.

In addition to the content that was already offered free of charge, Samsung has achieved with this vitamin movement its offer of streaming multimedia and make your televisions even more attractive so that you have everything available from your remote control.

These are the new BBC channels that will arrive on Samsung TV Plus in Spain

We Spaniards will be fortunate to receive four of the seven new channels that the British firm has included in the agreement. With this, almost 60 channels will be offered for free on the Samsung TV Plus platform in Spain. The contents can be enjoyed both by selecting the channel on our Smart TV and by choosing movies, series and documentaries totally to the letter.

The four channels that will be incorporated are the following:

BBC Travel

It is a very complete channel for those who love to discover every detail of this planet. It is not just a travel channel, but a showcase of culture, gastronomy and customs treated from a very current point of view. Environmentalism and sustainability are a common nexus of the documentaries that are broadcast on BBC Travel.

BBC History

This new channel that joins Samsung television contains all kinds of historical documentaries made with the great quality that we are used to by a corporation like the BBC. In it, we can enjoy documentaries about ancient civilizations and much more recent topics: chronicles about the British Royal House, the best documentaries about wars or docuseries about political leaders from around the world.

BBC Drama

This acclaimed channel will hit our screens with a total of 15 titles the size of Call the midwife, Pride and Prejudice or Up and down.

Doctor who

You can’t talk about the BBC without mentioning the legendary series Doctor who. So important is this series that the BBC has a exclusive channel for her.

The series currently has a total of 38 seasons, which are divided into two main blocks. The classic series, which aired between 1963 and 1989 for 26 seasons and the reboot modern, which was launched in 2005. For the moment we can enjoy 9 of 12 seasons What about the modern series, which is still active. The additions of the following seasons are also expected little by little, as well as they assure us that we will be able to see the special episodes that are broadcast.

With these four new additions, Samsung strengthens its position in the market by offering high quality content and free of charge to your customers. All this with its corresponding Spanish dubbing and available to any user who has a compatible Smart TV.

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