Samsung: smartphone batteries would explode due to heat wave

While summer has brought strong heat waves this year, some smartphones have obviously not survived the temperature rises in recent days. Samsung devices would be particularly affected by this problem.

Credit: MrWhosetheboss

The summer is particularly harsh this year, in particular because of the arrival of strong heat waves. these therefore do not spare smartphones, which generally do not like too hot climates. It would seem that Samsung devices are more sensitive than others, according to youtuber Mrwhosetheboss.

On Twitter, Arun Maini said that among the impressive collection of smartphones in his studio, the batteries of three aircraft had exploded following extreme heat during the last heatwave in England. Yet, while different manufacturers were expected to be affected, all smartphones belong to the same company: Samsung.

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Three Samsung smartphones explode in heat wave

Mrwhosetheboss didn’t mention in his tweet which devices were affected by the explosions, but based on the photo, it’s likely to bea pink Galaxy S7, a dark blue Galaxy Note 8 and a silver Galaxy S10 5G. It is clearly seen in a second image that the batteries have simply exploded inside the smartphones, blowing off the backs of the devices. These were however probably tucked away neatly in a draweras is the case with its other smartphones.

MrWhosetheboss samsung 2
Credit: MrWhosetheboss

It’s strange that only Samsung phones were affected, but after all, the manufacturer has, in its history, known many controversies around the explosion of batteries. We remember in particular the Galaxy Note 7, which had caused very many cases of explosions, and which is now prohibited in the planes of certain airlines. We had also learned that the battery of the Galaxy S22 had been manufactured by the same supplier as that of the Note 7.

The high temperatures are therefore not good news for the smartphones of the Korean giant, which must also face many criticisms of its foundry activity. In effect, the burning of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has recently been singled outas it caused CPU overheating issues in high-end Android smartphones that use it.

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