Samsung: the cheapest 2022 MicroLED TVs will cost €70,000, it will hurt the wallet

At CES 2022, Samsung presented its new range of premium televisions using MicroLED technology, and we now know a little more about their prices.

Credit: Samsung

Samsung recently unveiled a new series of MicroLED TVs at CES 2022, which promise better image quality, optimized sound and an expanded choice of screen sizes compared to the previous generation. Indeed, these will be available in three sizes, 89 inches, 101 inches and 110 inches. This is’4K screens with 25 million LEDs which individually emit light and the colors red, green and blue.

Samsung promises a 20-bit grayscale depth, support for 100% DCI and Adobe RGB color spectra, the Dolby Atmos, L’HDR10+, but also borders so thin that the screen covers 99.99% of the TV. They will be fueled by the new Neo Quantum Processor chip incorporating advanced contrast calibration functionality with a back-light unit (BLU). This allows the brightness level to be increased from 12 to 14 bits to control the Quantum Mini LEDs more precisely.

MicroLED TVs come with cool features like Fashion, which allows you to transform your room into an art gallery, or even multi-view, which allows you to display the content of 4 different sources simultaneously from their 4 HDMI ports in 4K and up to 120 fps. Unfortunately, since these are Samsung TVs, these are still the impasse on Dolby Vision technology.

What is MicroLED technology?

MicroLED technology is quite recent, since Samsung lifted the veil on its first “The Wall” television in 2018 during CES. For those who don’t know, MicroLED incorporates the qualities of OLED such as infinite contrast, while eliminating its shortcomings. Unlike OLED, the MicroLED is not subject to marking since it uses inorganic technology. Televisions also offer a peak brightness over 2000 nits, against just under 1000 nits for a conventional OLED panel.

Samsung Micro LED
Credit: Samsung

This technology also has the advantage of being modular, i.e. the televisions are made up of several blocks of LEDs that can be assembled to enlarge the size of the device. Nevertheless, for the moment, Samsung has decided not to market a modular model in favor of “Encased” microLEDs, which provide better image quality.

What prices for MicroLED TVs?

Samsung had already launched a first MicroLED television in France a few months ago 150,000 euros for the 110-inch model, and 130,000 euros for the 99-inch version. The first owners were also entitled to a visit from a Samsung engineer to install their television at home. For its part, LG also recently introduced its giant 325-inch 8K MicroLED DVLED TV, but it is displayed at a price of $1.7 million.

According to information from our Korean colleagues at The Elec, Samsung’s 2022 89-inch model should be marketed at around $80,000, or just over 70,000 euros. For its part, the largest model of 110 inches would be listed at $100,000, or almost 90,000 euros. The good news is that we are therefore seeing a slight drop in prices compared to last year, although these are still far too high for the general public.

Samsung Micro LED
Credit: Samsung

For now, Samsung has not yet officially confirmed these prices. Anyway, even if the final rates vary by a few thousand euros, televisions will always remain fairly inaccessible. It is also not known whether the three models will arrive in France during the year 2022 or whether or not their price will be higher than the American models.

While waiting for more information on this subject, both are turned to Samsung’s new QD-OLED technology, which will mix Quantum Dots and self-emissive diodes. The first television model to take advantage of this will not be a product from Samsung, but from Sony. Indeed, we will find QD-OLED technology for the first time on board the Sony Bravia XR A95K 4K, which will be available in 55 and 65 inches. Just like MicroLED televisions, the prices and availability date of QD-OLED TVs have still not been announced, but we imagine that they will arrive within the next few months.

Source: The Elec

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