Samsung Tizen will have a cloud gaming platform for its Smart TVs

During the celebration of its Samsung Developer Conference event this morning, held under a fairly discreet media coverage, Samsung has dropped a small bombshell by announcing the next one comes from a cloud gaming service for the Tizen operating system of your smart TVs.

Although unfortunately, it has been a rather brief announcement, without having provided any additional details about whether it will be a multiplatform service, what games will be available, nor any details about when it could be launched or the possible availability under a model of subscription. And it is undoubtedly that gaming in the cloud is an area in which more and more of the great technological competitors are getting into, with names more present in the gaming scene such as NVIDIA, Microsoft and Sony, or more recent additions such as Google or Amazon.

In fact, this is not a completely unknown area for the South Korean company. Back in 2012, Samsung worked with a game streaming company called Gaikai, precisely to try to bring an early version of cloud games to their high-end televisions, with a system practically identical to the current one, with which we could access numerous games through the Samsung Cloud Gaming just by having an internet connection and a controller. Unfortunately, the company that owns Gakai decided to end this collaboration early to integrate this technology into its own platform, known as PlayStation Now, nothing less.

So, in a post-event Q&A posted on its website, Samsung says its goal with its cloud gaming service is’allow to users play the latest games on their Samsung Smart TV equipped with the Tizen platform«. Furthermore, Samsung also says that is already working with some partners to develop this service, and that you are using web technology to power it.

So, Samsung is now trying to re-enter a market that is now much more crowded, although given its large ecosystem of devices, it is certainly worth not losing your eye.

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