Samsung unveils huge remote control for the home

Samsung unveils Home Hub, its new tablet which is nothing more or less than a huge remote control for all connected devices in the house.

Home automation is a sector in which each of the digital giants wants to establish itself. Samsung is not left out, especially with its SmartThings platform which allows you to control your household appliances from a compatible electronic device.

After offering an overhaul to its application on tablet and smartphone, the Korean giant is giving its initiative a product: a tablet that turns into a gigantic all-in-one remote control. A remote control and nothing more, because unlike Smart Displays, Samsung’s new product does not include any entertainment functionality. There will therefore be no question of watching the new episode of your favorite series.

Called Home Hub, it consists of a screen placed on a dock and which allows you to turn off a Samsung television, check the status of your household appliances of the brand but also monitor their energy consumption. In short, the same functionalities as those already offered by the SmartThings application.

It will be compatible with the Matter standard, created by more than 180 companies and which promises to transform the smart home industry. The first compatible devices should be marketed this year according to Samsung.

No voice commands

While its competitors seem to rely on their respective voice assistants to imagine the house of tomorrow, Samsung is still relying on good old hardware to seduce its customers. However, the brand had also developed a virtual assistant, Bixby. But success is not really there, too bad, the brand is changing its mind. With Home Hub, she wants to create a real dashboard, accessible to all the inhabitants of the same household. This also allows you to get rid of your smartphone at home, even if the latter can still control devices thanks to SmartThings.

For now, this XXL remote control should not land in our green regions. Samsung prefers to bet on the Korean market for the launch, before perhaps exporting it internationally.

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