Samsung Unveils Industry’s First 8K Ultrawide Monitor

Samsung has taken advantage of the AMD RDNA 3 graphics launch event to present the “first 8K Ultrawide monitor” of the industry.

The Odyssey series is the one used by Samsung to market its high-end monitors. With models like the G9/Neo G9 or the spectacular Ark, the series is one of the leaders in the monitor market. But the company wants more and better.

Taking into account that these monitors need high-performance graphics cards to feed them content, it is understood that the AMD conference was the chosen framework for an announcement that will be followed by an official presentation that will take place at CES 2023.

First 8K Ultrawide monitor

There are already 8K monitors on the market, although their number is minimal and outside of some specific professional fields they are almost useless due to the lack of content. Most monitors currently sold in the consumer market are FHD or one of its variants. Imagine reaching 8K resolutions, let alone widescreen or ultrawide formats.

This is what Samsung proposes with a “massive” monitor (its size has not been revealed, although we expect levels close to 50 inches), curved panel, ultrawide format and Display Port 2.1 connection, the most advanced screen interface on the market and the first time we see it on a monitor.

While the 32:9 aspect ratio of Samsung’s new monitor suggests it won’t be able to deliver true 8K resolution, it’s probably a substantial improvement over what the Odyssey G9 offers. At 8,000 pixels wide and that 32:9 aspect ratio, we should have a height of 2,250 pixels, getting true native resolution above 4K.

Undoubtedly impressive for an ultrapanoramic that -personally and as a faithful user of this type of screen- has left me in love since its very announcement. Of course, it is certain that my budget will not be enough to buy it. Taking into account that the starting price of the Odyssey Neo G9 was 2,500 dollars, imagine how much this one will cost.

After putting our teeth in the AMD event, we will have to wait for the official presentation at CES 2023 where we will know all its details. And price…

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