Samsung unveils its first private 5G network for autonomous robots

5G private networks are attracting the attention of many companies for internal use or for their customers. Not only to facilitate certain tasks and communications, but also to test new technologies and open new possibilities for their use in companies. As an example, the use Samsung is giving to your first private 5G network for a customerthe South Korean technology Ship: allow the company use autonomous robots in your facilities in Seoul to help deliver parcels, coffee or even lunch to their workers.

Naver’s headquarters, known as 1784, will start using 40 robots across three of its floors, but they already have plans to expand their travel and number to all 36 floors of their facility before the end of this year. Currently, all robots are connected to a cloud server, which works with them as if it were a shared brain.

It takes care of many of the calculations that each of the robots needs to do, which they call Rookie (Rookie) and the 5G network will be the neural network that connects all the robots to their clouds, which will allow them to support thousands of robots in real time.

In addition, robots are developing a common high-resolution 3D mapping of their facilities, and Artificial Intelligence is helping them learn and move around the building faster than creating a virtual space that replicates the real world.

The network implements Samsung Compact Core and 5G communication, with support in the 4.7 and 28 GHz spectrums, dedicated according to the South Korean authorities to private networks. 5G includes an optimized uplink location function, which doubles the capabilities of other commercial 5G networks.

Yong Chang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Network Division, Samsung Electronics has stated that the company will continue to work with public institutions to implement the service and deploy private 5G networks in other situations, such as transportation systems, health and educational centers, among others.

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