Samsung Updates Firmware for 980 Pro and 990 Pro SSDs to Fix Degradation

samsung has started rolling out a firmware update for its next-generation SSDs, 980 Pro and 990 Prowhich according to many users are suffering from problems that are greatly reducing their useful life, which is appreciated above all for an alleged premature degradation of the storage units themselves.

The SSD 980 Pro and 990 Pro are the latest flagship models from Samsung. The company initially responded by denying the guarantees (RMA) on the grounds that the degradation was within the normal operation of the storage units, but possibly in the face of the greater number of complaints that have arisen, Samsung has been forced to react and publish firmware updates, first for the 980 Pro and then for the 990 Pro.

The firmware update supposes the recognition by Samsung of the problem and what’s more, the company has been able to reproduce it in its laboratories. The corporation initially pointed out that the origin could be in anomalies related to the used percentage of SMART and/or the state of health in the case of the 990 Pro units.

Samsung 990 PRO

Samsung has accompanied the release of the update with a message posted on its community portal in which it notes about the 990 Pro that “these anomalies were found to be due to issues with the firmware of the 990 Pro SSD. Accordingly, today , February 13, 2023, a firmware update has been released that fixes these anomalies (SMART values ​​are not restored to factory settings after firmware upgrade. Actual SMART values ​​of each SSD vary depending on user environment and usage conditions).”

While it’s correct that Samsung has provided a fix (or at least is supposed to) for the degradation issue that has plagued the 980 Pro and 990 Pro SSD models, this will only be useful for those users who recently purchased their drive or that they have given it so little use that the level of degradation is not great, so the company will surely have to continue facing requests for the execution of the guarantee for some units that presumably have not reached consumers in optimal condition, whatever the circumstances.

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